Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello :)

Hi readers, its almost a year since I didn't update my blog. I was thinking to delete this blog since I don't have enough time to online lately. My kids are in morning and afternoon school session. I was at my parents' house right now for CNY gathering and dinner. So, I borrowed my youngest brother's laptop for a while.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese readers, wherever you are :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Week Before Christmas 2012 (Part 3)

Hi friends and readers, I'm back for the part 3. Have a beautiful Tuesday ya!

The next day, I woke up very early as I need to send my aunty and her daughters to the airport, together with my mom. Everybody look very quiet and emotional as today will be the last day for us, but I'm very happy and thankful to my mom for sponsored the whole trip to Sarawak (Will blog about it later) and KK as well. Otherwise, I don't know when will I have a chance to meet my aunty and her family.

While waiting for the taxi

Once we arrived at the airport I couldn't hold my tears anymore. It was hard to say goodbye after we've been together for almost a month since 8th Nov 2012. Gonna miss them all!

After their flight departure, mom and I went to Asian Delight Cafe for breakfast. 

Green Tea & Tuna Sandwich

Mom is having Nasi Lemak but the the taste is awful. So, she insisted to go to other place for breakfast. However, not much choice at Air Asia Airport. The only place to eat is KFC. So, I'm having my second round of breakfast on that day :p

I'm still full, so I just drank the tea and take away the rest back to hotel. Mom is having Chicken Porridge but she said, McDonald's porridge taste better than KFC...ha...ha...oh mom! After breakfast, we went back to hotel and continue packing while hubby and kids went out for breakfast themselves at McDonald. Kids got free gifts from McDonald.

Tooth Fairy & Sandman

After checked out from the hotel, I went to Centrepoint again with my mom and kids. Hubby need to go to Damai Specialist for his medical review. So, while waiting for the movie (Sepah The Movie), we went for some drinks at Starbucks, Palm Square.

Red Velvet & Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

5 minutes ride!

After movie, we decided to go to Wisma Merdeka by a taxi. Nothing much to see in Wisma Merdeka, as it's an old building but for kids' wear, I prefer to buy it at Tong's. Luckily hubby arrived there on time for lunch as we're all starving. I like the food court there, quite clean and lots of choices.

After lunch, we went to my younger sister's house at Country Heights Apartment. We supposed to overnight stay there but then hubby decided to stay for 2N as he got something else to do the next day. Anyway, I'm happy to meet my nephews and my only niece. Everybody is very tired to go out, so we just stayed at home and have BBQ Chicken Wings for dinner.

The next morning, I went out to Megalong (The longest mall in Sabah) with my mom and kids as hubby got something to do on his own. Then hubby came and we have our lunch at Ho Ho Bento. I really like this place and what a surprised! I met my ex schoolmate from my hometown.

My fav, Beef Teriyaki Bento

After lunch, we went to Servay Penampang for another Christmas shopping and hubby bought a pair of shirts for me and him. Not forgetting our kids' shoes for school. We went back home and get some rest.

Later that night, my younger sister brought us for dinner at Sailor's Cafe (Thanks for the treat sis and Ez). I really enjoyed the food and the ambiance there.

I know...I gained weight :D

Family photo

With their cousins, Ezekiel & Ezra

After dinner, we went for 'Jalan-jalan' at Tanjung Aru Beach. An hour later, we went back home.

The next morning, my another younger sister's boyfriend came to apartment. He wanted to treat us dimsum for breakfast (Thanks for the treat Aken).

Dimsum @ Foo Phing Restaurant

After breakfast, we went back directly to Keningau. Sayonara KK!

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Week Before Christmas 2012 (Part 2)

I went to Kota Kinabalu (KK) again a week before Christmas with hubby and kids. Two days before, we went to Papar and stayed at my sister in law's house in Kg Kopimpinan for 3D/2N stay.

On the third day, we went to KK to meet my mom, aunty and her daughters (my nieces). We supposed to stay at Marina Court, but since they got water problem, we decided to stay at Klagan Hotel (Known as Imperial Hotel before) for 3D/2N stay too (Thanks to my mom for sponsored the whole trip in KK).

Front view of Klagan hotel

@ the lobby

Cute, isn't it?

 While waiting for our room to be ready, we went out for lunch. 

New owner (Known as La Manila Cafe before)

With their cousin, Sylvia from Sarawak
I had a yummy Penang Fried Kuey Tiau for lunch on that day. After lunch, we went back to hotel. Luckily the room is ready, so we can send all our luggages.

While waiting for the room key

Our twin bed room
Without any rest, we went to Centrepoint Sabah which is just a few minutes walk from the hotel. Mom, aunty, my niece and I went for shopping while hubby, kids and another niece went to the Palm Square. They wanted to play games on computer and hubby need to accompany them.

Giant Christmas tree @ Palm Square

After shopping, we decided to watch a movie, The Life of PI. Kids are very excited as it was their first time in cinema. I enjoyed the movie but it was very cold inside the cinema. 

After movie, we went for dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters (Thanks aunty Carol for the treat :)

Cheezy Chicken Supreme

After dinner, mom decided not to go back to hotel. She wanted to bring us to the Waterfront but then we realized we are in the wrong place...ha...ha...Since everybody is too tired to walk anymore, we all decided to go back to hotel. However, on our way back, we stopped by at Starbucks in Warisan Square.

Iced Green Tea & Banana Pb Chocolate Cake

Guess what? Mom decided to bring us back to Centrepoint for family karaoke. I really had a good time singing & dancing with them. 

Last song for that night!

It's already midnight so I decided to go back to hotel with hubby and kids while the rest continue watching a movie.


The next morning, we have our breakfast outside the hotel in a Chinese restaurant, Seng Hing Coffee Shop. Lots of food selection, but I decided to eat Kanomen.

While waiting for our food

Instead of going back to hotel, we decided to go directly to Suria Sabah (SS). The taxi charged us RM10 to go there. It's only 10 am, but most shops are still closed. So, we just sit and relax while waiting for the shops to be opened. I'm very nervous as I made appointment to meet my childhood friend too.

@ the main entrance of SS

Family photo

Christmas deco @ SS

Finally, after 27 years, we met again! I'm so happy to meet my childhood friend. We lost contact after she moved to another place when we're in Primary 2. Guess what? We met on Facebook about 2 years ago and still keep in touch till today ;-)

With Alice Emiliza G. Sambah (Childhood friend)

What a surprised! She came with her sons and mothers too. Actually there's a lot photo of us, but my mom haven't transfer the photos from her tab yet!

With Alice's mother & sons
We have our lunch at Chicken Rice Shop, Suria Sabah together with my younger sister and her family. (Thanks sis Jess and hubby for the lunch treat!)

Candid (Photo taken by Alice)

A set of lunch @ CRS
After lunch, we continue with photo session. Then, it's a sad moment when we have to say goodbye to each other. Hope to meet you again, Alice. Anyway, instead of going back to hotel, mom decided again to treat us for a movie, Rise Of the Guardians. Wow! I like Jack Frost character.

GSC @ Suria Sabah
After movie, we went back to hotel and get some rest. We have our dinner at Anjung Selera, Tanjung Lipat. One of the place to eat in KK (Halal).

With their cousins, Rachel & Sylvia
After dinner, we went to Gaya Street for Christmas Bazaar. It was closed already but luckily we can still take photo at the crib.

Crib @ Gaya Street

Then, we went to Jesselton Point and Waterfront before going back to hotel.

Jesselton Point

@ Waterfront

Okay, I'm tired of sitting for few hours already. Will continue with part 3 tomorrow ya :)

A Week Before Christmas 2012 (Part 1)

Hi friends and readers, how's your weekend? Last Sunday, hubby and I went to Dataran Keuskupan in Keningau, to register our kids in PMG. It's a Sunday School for Christian. Glad that both my kids are excited about it. We've been invited to be part of the team too where we have to teach as well. I haven't decide yet whether to accept it or not as I'm not very good in teaching...ha...ha...

Anyway, I'd like to share with you all about my Christmas 2012. A week before Christmas, we went to Kota Kinabalu (KK). We supposed to meet my mom, aunty and her daughters but my aunty was sicked. Therefore they need to go back to Keningau on the same day. So, only the four of us in KK.

After hubby's medical review at Damai Specialist, hubby decided to overnight stay in Grand Borneo Hotel.

@ hotel's lobby while waiting for c/in

After that, we went for 'Jalan-jalan' at 1 Borneo Hypermall which is just next to the hotel. Christmas deco is everywhere inside and outside the mall with Christmas Royale theme.

The best thing about this trip is, I finally had a chance to watch a movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2 in cinema. How excited I am even though I had to watch it by myself. Oh well, hubby had to accompany our kids at Boo-Boo Land.

After movie, we went to Big Apple Donut & Coffee outlet for a tea break.

Sunspot & Green Tea
After Christmas shopping, we went back to hotel. We're all tired of walking, so we decided to have a simple menu for dinner at Marrybrown.

Nasi Marrybrown
While having dinner, my younger sister called. She wanted to meet us, together with her boyfriend. We met at Starbucks and just have some drinks. Totally full to eat a cake! Around 10 pm, we went back to hotel.

The next morning, we have breakfast at the hotel, go for 'Jalan-jalan' and then checked out.

@ the main entrance of 1 Borneo Hypermall

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My 4th Blog Anniversary (12.12.12)

12.12.12 ~ What a beautiful date, but how can I forget it was my 4th blog anniversary? Oh well, better late than never. Happy 4th anniversary to my blog :)


Hi friends and readers, glad to be back after few months without blogging. I hope it's not too late to wish you all a very Happy New Year 2013! How's your New Year eve celebration? 

Last year, I celebrated it in Keningau. Only us (hubby & kids), my nephew and my parents. Actually, we supposed to go back to Papar to celebrate it with my in laws families. However, since there's nobody to accompany my parents, we decided to celebrate with them (My other siblings did gather with us during Christmas. Will update about it later).

On New Year eve, we went to the church for New Year eve mass. After that, we went to my parents' house for steamboat and family gathering. We decided to overnight stay there, so easy for us to wait until countdown. 

Oh well, how about your new resolution? Me? Guess I'll carry forward my previous years resolution, to get a driving license...ha...ha...No more excuse, huh?

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